‘INNISFREE it’s real squeeze MASK-ROSE’ review

Hi cutes,

I am back with yet another review. I really hope you all are enjoying reading my reviews and they are helping you out.if you want to know my experience with this INNIS FREE “Rose” mask, then keep on reading.

INR 100 for 20 ml

My Experience with Innisfree Rose It’s Real Squeeze Mask:

I love the fragrance of this mask and how hydrating it is. It feels comfortable when applied to the skin and gives a cooling effect.It also made my skin softer post an hour which is amazing, right? Other than that, it gave my oily skin a semi-matte appearance throughout the day (it did not dry out the skin or make it greasy but I used a technique for this). The best part is that my skin looked so fresh and a little fair post using it. These were the benefits I experienced after using the mask. Oh and also I smelled like a garden of rose flowers.The bad thing was that I started worrying because the last time I had a zit and once I took it off, the mask felt greasy. I think the mask is quite good. So yay!

Pros of Innisfree Rose It’s Real Squeeze Mask:

• Amazing fragrance
• Makes skin softer
• Makes skin radiant, fresh and a little bright
• Affordable
• Doesn’t dry out the skin
• Easy to apply and remove
• Hydrating




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